Dr. Bhuva Narayan

University of Technology Sydney

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Bhuva Narayan is Associate Professor, School of Communication, and Graduate Research Coordinator for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Bhuva is a transdisciplinary academic across Information Science, Digital Media Studies, and Social Sciences, with additional expertise in IT, HCI, and UX, and applies this expertise in the context of social justice issues.

Bhuva's teaching and research interests are in the field of Human Learning, Human Information Interaction or Human Information Behaviour (on how humans need, seek, find, organise, and use information, both online and in everyday life) including Digital Social Media. Bhuva uses qualitative and ethnographic approaches in her research including digital ethnography methods, and works toward a research-teaching nexus in all her academic endeavours.

Before moving to academia, Bhuva spent over two decades in the book industry as a bookstore consultant, development editor, and publisher, and remains a proselytiser for books and learning in all forms. Bhuva has supervised 8 PhD students to successful completion since 2012 and currently supervises graduate research students in interdisciplinary areas of Social Sciences and Communication including Digital Social Media, Data Ethics, Voice User Interfaces, Design Thinking, Creative Works, Social Justice and Human Rights.

Bhuva was awarded the 2020 UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Research Excellence Supervisor of the Year Award for her graduate research supervision.