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Webinar 28 October - Untold Stories - continued! Information practices in Bangladesh & in US-Mexico Borderlands

  • 1.  Webinar 28 October - Untold Stories - continued! Information practices in Bangladesh & in US-Mexico Borderlands

    Posted 10-26-2022 06:45

    What: Dr Viviane Hessami (Monash University, Australia) will present her research: The Use of Notebooks by Bangladeshi Village Women to Backup Digital Data and Dr Sara Vannini (University of Sheffield, UK) will present on The information practices and politics of migrant-aid work in the US-Mexico borderlands. The webinar is chaired by Dr Andrea Jimenez (Information School, University of Sheffield, UK).

    The webinar is organised by ASIS&T's European Chapter & The Information School, University of Sheffield. It also celebrates Global Media and Information Literacy Week (24-31 October 2022) and is open to everyone.

    When: Friday 28 October 2022, 10.00-11.00 BST (UK time - see for times elsewhere)

    Where: On Zoom: Meeting ID: 938 9815 5425; Passcode: 477576 

    About Dr Viviane Hessami:
    Dr Hessami is a Lecturer and Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow in the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. She is researching the information access and information preservation needs and preferences of marginalised rural communities with the aim to design a framework for culturally-sensitive and gender-sensitive information dissemination and information preservation. Viviane has multidisciplinary expertise in archival science, political science, Asian studies and community informatics.
    Hessami's presentation will highlight the importance of planning for the sustainability of information and supporting grassroots initiatives to preserve information when working with marginalized communities. The presentation will bring up untold stories of marginalized communities who used simple analogue technologies to backup information provided to them in digital form in an ICT4D project in rural Bangladesh. This will illustrate the importance of information sustainability for marginalized communities who have limited access to information and the need to use methods that are culturally-sensitive when providing information to marginalized communities.
    About Dr Sara Vannini:

    Dr Vannini is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the University of Sheffield Information School, UK. Her research is at the intersection of critical studies of technology and society, information and communication technologies and social change, and information ethics. In particular,she focuses on social appropriation of technologies, information privacy in the context of migration, the role of public access to information in mis/dis-information, online learning, and participatory and visual methodologies of inquiry.
    In her presentation, Vannini will address the issue of information sharing in a situation where there are strong privacy and confidentiality issues.Organizers and volunteers work across organizational boundaries to provide humanitarian aid to undocumented migrants along the US-Mexico border and share information informally. However, resistance to information-sharing between organizations (and to the public), especially through technologically mediated means, is common, because of the need to protect the privacy and confidentiality of migrants. Vannini will discuss the strategies employed and underlying issues. 

    Sheila Webber
    Senior Lecturer. Information School, University of Sheffield, UK