Chapter: Europe

  • 1.  EU Chapter Election Results

    Posted 11-13-2023 10:58
    Dear all, 
    I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your active participation in the ballot election and for exercising your right to vote. I am delighted to announce the results of the 2023-2024 election. Here is the list of our newly elected officers:
    Chair-elect: Muhammet Damar
    Secretary & Archivist: Márton Németh
    Treasurer: Juan-José Boté Vericad
    Congratulations to all the newly elected officers! Having served as Chair-elect during the 22/23 term, I am honoured to take on the role of the new Chair for 23/24. Sheila Webber will serve as our Communications Officer, and Jesse Dinneen will continue as the Webmaster
    Special thanks to @Sophie Rutter and @Lisa Andersson for their outstanding leadership and invaluable contributions to the Chapter!
    Best wishes,
    Chair, EU Chapter 

    Yuhua Wang

  • 2.  RE: EU Chapter Election Results

    Posted 11-15-2023 01:38
    Assoc. Dr. I congratulate our president and teacher Muhammet Damar..