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BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Organizational information as an asset 

08-12-2019 11:54

Dear SIG/OIM Members,

I have just posted, to the SIG/OIM Library, a document titled BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Organizational information as an asset, which I created by searching the Library of Congress catalog.  There are 17 titles, ranging in age from 1997 (Karl Erik Sveiby/ The New Organizational Wealth) to 2019 (Denise Bedford/ Strategic Management of Business-Critical Information Assets).  I hope that you will find these titles to be intriguing candidates for future reading, as I do.  In passing, I draw attention to the fact that Sveiby’s book was honored by an article in FORTUNE (Sveiby, T.A., 1997. Your company's most valuable asset: Intellectual capital. Fortune. October, 3) in which Sveiby was interviewed.

Deanna Morrow Hall
Chair, SIG/OIM

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