Ms. Julie Carmen

Central Washington University Brooks Library

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Central Washington University Brooks Library


My experience as a librarian and archivist includes creating my own small business in 2007, to create access and preserve archives and special collections within historical societies, churches, and other special collections.  I also served from 2009 to 2014 as a research librarian and archivist at Colorado School of Mines to organize materials within the Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository, at the Arthur Lakes Library. In September, 2014, I accepted a position at Brooks Library, Central Washington University.  My new position as an Assistant Professor included the Head of Cataloging & Digital Initiatives, and then later working as a Research Librarian, in which I searched for compatible grants and awards for the Brooks Library, while providing instruction, reference, service work, and scholarship. My research interests include: developing research in many categories, including instruction, metadata, enhanced access to research such as digital  materials, supporting open access publishing, and medieval historical research. My on-going passion to create a medieval, movable screen which displays embroidered patches from two 13th century manuscripts, also keeps me busy. I use the ancient embroidery technique known as laid work, and Inkle weaving to decorate the wooden screen.