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EC is seeking candidates for the European Chapter Board of 2021

  • 1.  EC is seeking candidates for the European Chapter Board of 2021

    Posted 13 days ago
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    Dear colleagues,

    A year is almost over, which means we are seeking candidates for the European Chapter Board of 2021.

    Therefore, open positions of chair-elect, secretary, treasurer, and webmaster are required.
    The board is open for additional positions (newsletter editor, communications officer, …), you may as well suggest special responsibility positions.

    Your main responsibility is to work and cooperate with other colleagues within the EC board to advance European Chapter's activities. Responsibilities are, amongst others, planning regional events, planning satellite meetings at the Annual Meeting, promoting the European Chapter and ASIS&T at events, through its newsletter and social media channels and to strengthen the network of Information Science researchers in Europe.

    The term duration for these positions is one year, beginning in October 2020. The Chair-Elect normally will become Chair of the European Chapter in the next year (2021-2022).

    Benefits of these positions include

    • Expand your network of professional contacts
    • Gain recognition from your employer, community, and peers
    • Help to advance information science and related discipline research
    • Gaining leadership experience

    If you are interested in serving any of these positions, please fill out the Google nomination form by no later than August, 14 2020. 

    The nomination requires a valid ASIS&T membership.

    The nomination form includes predefined positions but if you want to nominate yourself for an additional responsibility position not yet available, you can add those one as well.


    We have an OPEN nomination process. All nominations are visible online (click HERE, to see the nominations).

    A nomination will be listed after submitted to the form.


    If you are interested please fill out following form:

    Click HERE!

    Further, you also have the possibility to nominate somebody else for a position.

    The election of candidates will start August 17, 2020 and ends September 01, 2020.

    The EC Officers

    Aylin Ilhan (Current Chair of the EC)