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Join us for our EU Chapter Panel at the AM on Oct 31st!

  • 1.  Join us for our EU Chapter Panel at the AM on Oct 31st!

    Posted 10-30-2021 14:28
    The EU Chapter invites you to join us for our ASIS&T panel on October 31st, 11am-12.30pm Mountain time:  

    Community Resilience Through Diversity

    We invite ASIS&T members, including academics and professionals, to post their experiences of coping with the pandemic in their libraries, universities, research, and teaching, noting in particular, creative community solutions and resilience in the face of this worldwide calamity.  To join the conversation now and during our panel, see our Jamboard at ASIS&T EU Chapter Panel: Community Resilience Through Diversity - Google Jamboard.

    Key questions for participant discussion will be:
      What has been your experience of the pivot as we re-framed how we do things?
      What have been your coping mechanisms as we re-positioned ourselves to manage through the pandemic?
      What do you believe the future will look like, as we realign our lives post pandemic?

    See you tomorrow!  Remember your costume!

    Crystal Fulton
    Associate Professor
    University College Dublin
    +353 1 716 8493