Tips for Designing Your Own Coworking Space

By Michael Waters posted 01-05-2021 19:54


When you work in an office building, you will already know that a change of scenery, and people for that matter, is all you need to get that spark of creativity back. A coworking space is ideal for people who are cut from the same cloth to come together and find inspiration. 

This is the space where collaboration and sharing are optimized. It is too bad that coworking spaces are very limited and relatively new in many parts of the country. If you know that there is a need for a coworking space in your area, here are some tips on designing your own space. 

Know the end-goal and demand

Before you can even begin to think about designing a coworking space, you need to decide what your end goal is. Running the space as a non-profit vs. a profitable business will have great ramifications on the design of the space. 

It is all good and well to have the idea and plans to start your coworking space, but if there is no demand for coworking space, it will be a very short-lived and expensive exercise. To find out if there is a need, be sure to spread the word and create awareness. 

Start a social media campaign and reach out to people in your industry. If there is a need, you will quickly find out. Once you know there is a demand for space, you can start filling in the details.

Function before form

The space that you intend to utilize for your coworking space needs to accommodate a couple of things. That is why you should prioritize the utilities and services before settling on a space. Everything from internet connectivity to printing solutions and refreshments needs to be taken into account. 

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Filling out the house

The furniture of a coworking space cannot be overstated. The freelancers and contractors who will come to your space will likely expect functional furniture. In the beginning, you might not have the funds for designer furniture, but nothing stops you from buying second-hand furniture or even requesting donations. 

You would be surprised at how much people want a coworking space. By using donated furniture, the whole feel of the space could be more homely. 

Getting the right location

If there is one thing that can sink a potentially successful co-work space, it is the location. Do your homework and make sure that the space you want to lease is convenient, easy to access and safe. 

The best spaces are usually underutilized buildings and the best part is that you could probably negotiate a good deal on the lease. An easy way to test whether people will find it easy is to do a Google Maps search. If you can navigate to the space without a hitch, you have a winner. 

Ask for help

Most states are very eager to assist in small business development. Visit the local chamber of commerce and apply for a grant to help fund the startup costs. 

When the funds are secured, do yourself a favor and ask others who have started coworking spaces for advice. They will be able to let you in on some of the pitfalls of starting out. All that is then left to do is to start.