Transitioning Your Kids to Online Education Transitioning Your Kids to Online Education

By Michael Waters posted 11-29-2020 19:36


Parents the world over have been enlightened to the fact that they have the option of homeschooling. It is not that they did not know about the option, but they did not necessarily feel that they were equipped to do it. 

As schools were closed down the world over, parents were forced to teach their kids at home and what started as a daunting nightmare, many found to be the answer to their educational concerns. There are, however, two sides of the coin and although the parent might be ready to start homeschooling, the kids are not. 

They need to be weaned off traditional schooling if they are to survive the home classroom. Here is how to transition your kids to online education.

Find new online friends

You need to find other parents and children that also do online or homeschooling. One of the major concerns about online education is the lack of social interaction. This is a vital part of growing up and a school setting is perfect for that. 

Your kids are digital natives, so mobile communication is second nature to them. Their dealings online have to be monitored, though, which is why you need to install a phone tracker from to ensure that they are keeping themselves occupied with education and not meaningless social media. 

Monitoring their conduct online is going to be extremely important, especially during the first couple of months. Like any other skill, being a socially responsible online user is not something that comes naturally and should be taught.

Get yourself up to speed

Technology is your greatest asset in online education, which is why you should make sure that your skill level is on par with your child’s level. If you are not that confident in using technology, you should make a point of it to learn as quickly as possible. 

It does not help your child if you want them to pursue online education if you cannot master the tools they need to learn. Your role in educating your kids will become much more involved and being one step in front of them is the key. 

Bring in the school bell

To ensure that time is not wasted at home, a solid routine needs to be established. A school bell is one of the most critical aspects of a physical school. Sure, some schools operate without one, but they have systems in place to make sure that the same result is achieved and that is routine. 

The school bell establishes routine and teaches your child to manage their time. When you want to employ online education, then time management is crucial. 

Do not be a helicopter

Although online education is different in some aspects of traditional schooling, some aspects are the same as well. When your kids are at school, they are away from you, which allows them to start taking ownership of their decisions. At home, you cannot afford to look over their shoulders the whole time. 

You have to let go and give them their distance. They will never learn to operate on their own if you hover over them the whole time. 

Mimic the reward system

Online education can become quite lonely and monotonous, so you have to have certain strategies in place to reward hard work. Schools have prize-givings and award ceremonies to celebrate achievement and this is something to look into when your child works from home. 

They will quickly become negative towards their school work if there is nothing in it for them. Set achievement rewards for your kids and let them know that they are working towards something. They will stay much more motivated. 

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